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10 Tips For Selling Your Home 

A few basic elements can help you sell your home faster. Learn what you can do to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. 


  1. A good first impression sets the tone for the rest of the visit. Ensure everything from the sidewalk to the backyard is as clean, tidy and clutter-free as possible.

  2. Make sure your house smells as clean as it looks.

  3. Consider making an appointment with a home staging consultant.

  4. Consider hiring a cleaning agency to make sure that your house is sparkling and shining.

  5. If your house has been listed through a real estate agency, check your online MLS ad. Realtors donít always catch errors in the listing.

  6. If you are selling the house yourself, advertising is everything. If no one knows itís for sale, no one will make an offer.

  7. Be reasonable when deciding on your price. Do your research to see what the current market is like. 

  8. Donít turn away prospective buyers. If they want to come and view your house at 7am in the morning, let them!  Allow the prospective buyer to set the date and time for the appointment. 

  9. Be flexible if the realtor shows up with prospective buyers and no appointment. Mistakes and miscommunication sometimes happen and buyers will understand if a few things are out of place.

  10. If you have decided to use a FSBO (For Sale by Owner agency), check out their online ads before you sign a contract. It can be difficult to even find your own house on some local FSBO sites.


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